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04.02.2019 - 23:00

Exclusive new vehicles at RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART: „Karl Geiger Supercars Show“ and Lotus sports cars

The so-called NEO CLASSICS® segment has been enjoying inexorable growth on the classic car market for several years. This is due to the fundamental change in a scene which no longer just looks back with nostalgia, but builds a bridge between the past and the present. RETRO CLASSICS® in Stuttgart has played a key role in shaping this trend: the world's largest trade fair for driving culture always features venerable veteran cars, rarities and curiosities along with exclusive new cars which have the potential to become classic pieces.

American car enthusiasts will get their money's worth in the "Karl Geiger Supercars Show". Visitors to this Show will be able to admire top high-performance models from major marques such as Camaro, Dodge and GMC, but also vehicles for demanding everyday use. "The customers are people who enjoy driving and want to buy sensible cars at a reasonable price," said Karl Geiger, Managing Director of the exhibitor Geiger Cars. In order to demonstrate the considerable foresight of some American manufacturers, some classic "street cruisers" will also be placed alongside modern American cars.

A special niche is occupied by Lotus, the marque from the East of England, which offers a small but exquisite selection of modern sports cars – in the spirit of the company founder Colin Chapman who once promoted the development of the modern Grand Prix racing car through innovative processes and lightweight construction methods. "Every car is still built by hand. There is no assembly work and no robots are used," enthuses Bernd Feistle from the company Black Forest Lotus. The Lotus specialist from the Black Forest will primarily present "the latest model range" at RETRO CLASSICS®. The "secret stars" of the Show will definitely include a rare Exige 430 Cup Type 25 – a homage to the legendary Lotus 25 in which Jim Clark won the Formula 1 World Championship for the first time in 1963.

Karl Geiger Supercars Show at RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART: Paul Horn Hall (Hall 10), Stand E10

Black Forest Lotus at RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART: Entrance East, Stand EO59


RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART is the world's largest trade fair for driving culture and was chosen as the "Show of the Year“ in the Historic Motoring Awards 2018. Lovers and collectors of historic automobiles, marque representatives and members of relevant historic and classic car clubs have long regarded this international platform as a must-attend event at the start of the historic and classic car season. On a total area of around 140,000 square metres the unique trade fair concept impresses with its comprehensive range of historic and classic cars, youngtimers, NEO CLASSICS, US cars, historic motorcycles and commercial vehicles, as well as with its first-class accompanying programme, a huge vehicle selling market and highly interesting special shows.


Date: 7 to 10 March 2019

Opening hours:
Thursday: 11:00 to 19:00
Friday to Sunday: 09:00 to 18:00

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RC_19_PM07_Lotus EXIGE: Lotus EXIGE 410 Sport. Type T99 Senna Edition.
COPY RIGHT: BF-Sportwagen

RC_19_PM07_Corvette: The American way of life still offer enough potential for individualists
COPY RIGHT: Geigercars

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