15.02.2022 - 09:33

RETRO CLASSICS® 2022: classic cars with a modern pulse

At this year's RETRO CLASSICS in Stuttgart, the roadster forge Vanderhall presents innovative pure driving pleasure for fans of stylish open design:

Vanderhall is a manufacturer of the  leading Auto cycle in today's market . Retro styling in perfect harmony with World class Automotive engineering combine to provide a driving experience second to none for this class of Vehicle .

The routes of the Company can be traced to the single minded passion of CEO Stephen Hall who wanted to innovate and Re- introduce some of the DNA from a by gone era of Motoring , with Retro Styling & modern engineering , in a world where Homologation and Airbags precluded 4 wheel manufacturers from easily bringing Soul , to new models . Regulations for the Auto Cycle as more open - provide for our owners " to reconnect to the road again "

A Vanderhall arguably as " much fun as you can have with your clothes on "  if the Rush of Wind in the hair , noise of a Turbo dump Valve doing its thing and near super car acceleration is your 

Passion all with braking capability tobe experienced before believed ~ then you need the Vanderhall experience .

Recent years have seen the Vanderhall model range evolve thru Laguna to Venice and most recently the Carmel . Production for these models has seen the company grow to support a Dealer network in the US of more than 100 Dealers . In 2018 Vanderhall International took up the Batton to open Dealers world wide in parallel with securing certification  to meet Homologation in Europe & most recently Australia & Canada.

    New state of the art Factory extensions in Provo Utah : provide for the dawn of a new Era as the already famed Brawley UTV is set to burst into the market as a Class leading EV with extreme off road capability . 

   A Vanderhall stops traffic ! Takes Center stage wherever parked and will keep some very established Sports Cars honest on a twisty road . A real Drivers machine .

    A Vanderhall allows a full indulgence of lifestyle , bringing the sense of fun & being alive , which people crave, in the Post Covid era .

    We seek new Dealers to satisfy strong interests from the many customers ,who can't wait to embrace the new World of living life to the full .

   Dealers ideally from a Power Sports & or a Marine , leisure , Automotive field who are able to showcase Vanderhall with a showroom and workshop capability are ideal .

    Any potential Dealer is able to finance initial units and manage our forward order , stock replenishment programme .

Possibly the most exciting development in the Power Sports and Automotive World for many years - 

Vanderhall the future of Lifestyle sports Driving . 

Dealer options provide for a Turn Key solution - branding , signage and showroom setup focussed to enable plug and play Dealer onboarding . Full training with Tech support in Germany means any new Dealer joins a motivated and well oiled family . Able to sell in a protected area growing a Buisness from the addition of this exciting brand .

## I believe pictures say 1000 words

So suggest any release is supported with lifestyle images , Venice , Carmel and Brawley .

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