RETRO CLASSICS® 2019: Trade Fair for Driving Culture

24.07.2018 - 13:00

Automotive treasures and rarities on an area of 140,000 square metres in Stuttgart: the world's largest trade fair for historic and classic cars is looking to the future

RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART has been a must-attend event for dealers, collectors and car lovers from all over the world for many years. In its 19th edition, the world's largest event for historic and classic cars will now start for the first time as the "Trade Fair for Driving Culture" – and will therefore span a wide range from the past to the future. "We did not want to rest on our laurels, but instead remain open to new aspects," said Karl Ulrich Herrmann from the organiser RETRO Messen who started the successful project almost twenty years ago as a regional platform for enthusiasts. The continuous, healthy growth is proof of his philosophy: the "mother ship" of all RETRO trade fairs is now staged as a top automotive event in ten exhibition halls and on a total area of 140,000 square metres. Visitors to RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART 2019 can look forward to a total of up to 4,000 exhibits.


Focal point: NEO CLASSICS®

More attention will be paid to so-called NEO CLASSICS®, i.e. special edition cars, individual items and high-value youngtimers. "With this emphasis, we are taking account of a trend which has been noticeable for several years," said Herrmann: "The historic and classic car scene is changing. The interest in nostalgia and the enthusiasm for historic technology are now accompanied by an entirely new driving pleasure which is attributable to a young generation of collectors, but also of vehicles. Unlike some venerable models from the period before the Second World War, a sports car from the 1970s is a modern and fully roadworthy vehicle which is regarded by its owner as both a collector's item and an expression of a lifestyle. This also explains the growing demand for exquisite new vehicles." Willing buyers will, for example, strike it rich in the NEO CLASSICS® selling markets which form a separate part of the huge vehicle selling market.


Stylish travel and exciting special shows

Driving culture is inseparably linked to wanderlust and travel, the desire to discover something new. RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART will therefore feature this topic for the first time in a separate holiday market: In "L’Ambassadora – representative for wonderful trips“, selected hotels such as Mondorf Domaine Thermal and other companies from the tourist industry will present their offers to visitors who enjoy travelling (Paul Horn Hall, Hall 10). The popular special shows are naturally an indispensable part of every "Retro" and are each devoted to a specific aspect of automotive and technology history. Fans of classic American cars will be delighted in 2019: under the title "Chrome and Horsepower“ RD Classics will present rolling US legends from different decades and epochs on an exhibition area of 600 square metres (Hall 5). The "Karl Geiger Supercars Show“ will set standards with exclusive American NEO CLASSICS® (Paul Horn Hall, Hall 10). Two-wheel aficionados will also get their money's worth: in Hall 8, for example, AMSC Leonberg will present rare sidecars while massive machines bearing the Indian marque can be admired in the Paul Horn Hall (Hall 10).


Range of exhibits: from cars through to accessories

RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART is simultaneously an industry platform, an ideas exchange and a cultural event – and features an extremely impressive range of exhibits which literally extends from "A to Z": from accessories, automobilia, cars, historic and classic car clubs, insurance services, museums, restoration, retro toys and sought accessories through to spare parts, the trade fair offers at the start of the driving culture season practically everything to make the hearts of trade visitors, automobile enthusiasts and dedicated hobby car mechanics beat faster. A varied and interesting accompanying programme– starting with the popular ALLIANZ RETRO NIGHT in Hall 10 on Thursday evening – will round off the profile and also make a visit to RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART a top-class automotive experience in 2019. The pendant to the RETRO NIGHT on Thursday will take place on the stage in the Porsche Hall (Hall 1) on Saturday evening.




RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART is the world's largest trade fair for driving culture. Lovers and collectors of historic automobiles, marque representatives and members of relevant historic and classic car clubs have long regarded this international platform as a must-attend event at the start of the historic and classic car season. On a total area of around 140,000 square metres the unique trade fair concept impresses with its comprehensive range of historic and classic cars, youngtimers, NEO CLASSICS, US cars, historic motorcycles and commercial vehicles, as well as with its first-class accompanying programme, a huge vehicle selling market and highly interesting special shows.


Date: 7 to 10 March 2019

Opening hours:

Thursday: 11:00 to 19:00

Friday to Sunday: 09:00 to 18:00

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