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„Petrol talks“, cuisine and music

28.02.2019 - 23:00

Celebrity guests, exquisite delicacies, majestic sounds: the ALLIANZ RETRO NIGHT on Thursday evening during RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART

It is a cherished tradition, the starting point and a permanent programme item of every RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART: visitors to the ALLIANZ RETRO NIGHT on Thursday can round off the first day of the trade fair in a relaxed manner, exchange new insights and cultivate contacts – or simply talk shop to their heart's desire in the company of like-minded people. There will also be plenty of culinary highlights and interesting and exciting entertainment (7 March, from 18:30, Paul Horn Hall/Hall 10).

The panel discussions on the stage promise to be very special moments: Georg Prisner, Territory Manager Central Europe of Lotus Cars and Frank Klaas, Head Of Communications Europe & US at the Chinese "newcomer“ Geely, the first private car maker in the Middle Kingdom, will discuss the tradition and future of individual mobility. Ellen Lohr, to date the only female winner of a German Touring Car race on the Hockenheim Ring, "Schwabenpfeil" (Swabian Arrow) Roland Asch and Klaus "König" Ludwig, Germany's most successful Touring Car driver, will in the meantime tell the inside story of international motor racing. Visitors can also look forward to the actor Helmut Zierl who shines in the role of Hotel Director Kulovits in the current TV series "Die Inselärztin" and is especially well-known to fans of detective stories through his performances in "Tatort" (police series on German TV). The other guests of honour are Prof. Dieter Kempf, President of the Confederation of German Industry (BDI), and Chiara Gairing, the Württemberg Beer Queen.

The harmonious musical backdrop will be provided by the Royal Groovin' band headed by Prince Karl Friedrich von Hohenzollern (saxophone, vocals), the multi-talented patron of Retro Classics. This high-calibre band plays its own interpretations of well-known soul, pop and rock classics – "regal entertainment", is the musicians' waggish comment. Petra Klein, the popular SWR 1 presenter and Baden-Württemberg Culinary Ambassador, will host the evening.


RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART is the world's largest trade fair for driving culture and was chosen as the "Show of the Year“ in the Historic Motoring Awards 2018. Lovers and collectors of historic automobiles, marque representatives and members of relevant historic and classic car clubs have long regarded this international platform as a must-attend event at the start of the historic and classic car season. On a total area of around 140,000 square metres the unique trade fair concept impresses with its comprehensive range of historic and classic cars, youngtimers, NEO CLASSICS, US cars, historic motorcycles and commercial vehicles, as well as with its first-class accompanying programme, a huge vehicle selling market and highly interesting special shows.


Date: 7 to 10 March 2019

Opening hours:
Thursday: 11:00 to 19:00
Friday to Sunday: 09:00 to 18:00

Further information and photos relating to RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART can be found in the Internet at:


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RC_19_PM10_RETRO_Night: The Band Royal Grooven' and Prince Karl Friedrich von Hohenzollern (saxophone, vocals)

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