They are elegant, rare, often powerful and, as a rule, extremely expensive: NEO CLASSICS® are collectors’ vehicles, special edition cars, unique pieces and automobiles up to 20 years old. NEO CLASSICS® are modern classics which 
stir the emotions and make collectors’ hearts beat faster. 

They have made their mark in the world of historic driving culture and are an important addition to the RETRO CLASSICS® programme. They have their own high-quality presentation area at the RETRO CLASSICS® trade fairs in Nuremberg and Stuttgart. RETRO CLASSICS® is therefore not just purely a trade fair for historic and classic cars, but rather an event which covers all aspects of sophisticated driving culture, regardless of whether this relates to historic and classic cars, youngtimers or NEO CLASSICS®. It therefore remains a contemporary event, adjusting to the changing times and leading the way among the classic trade fairs in Europe.

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