MUSTANG - An american legend

"Elegant, rare and new."

A major special show at the 21st Retro Classics, the trade fair for driving culture in Stuttgart, Germany, from April 21 to 24, 2022, will focus on an automotive icon: the Ford Mustang will roll into the spotlight. (L-Bank Forum/Hall 1, Booth No. 1K71). The history of the Ford Mustang is legendary - for 58 years now, it has been built more than ten million times. It has starred in numerous films, including two James Bond thrillers. Steve McQueen drove a Mustang in the movie "Bullit", whose title Ford still uses for special models today. Rock'n'roll star Chuck Berry sang the praises of his red Mustang, built in 1966, which could only be brought to a halt with a brake parachute.

A dozen Mustang models will be on display as part of the large special show. They were brought together by Peter Schropp, founder and owner of the company Schropp Fahrzeugtechnik in Mössingen. Schropp has specialized in maintenance and tuning of the Mustang of all years of construction until today. Why this pony car in particular? "Our original company location was right at the entrance to a U.S. barracks, and the GIs used to bring me their Mustangs," the specialist recounts. "I was fascinated by how the car continued to evolve over the decades while retaining its original character as that of an affordable sports car for everyone."

The blue Mustang GT, built in 2003, is a particularly beloved gem in the collection, which offers not only connoisseurs and enthusiasts a detailed overview of the history of this American legend: A red convertible from 1965 forms the introduction to the documentation of all six generations up to the present day. In addition to notchback versions, a hatchback ("fastback") is on display - an eye-catcher on the road as well as in the exhibition hall, and a Bullit model is not missing either.

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