100 years motorized fire department

"as fast as the fire department"

When it burns, the clock ticks mercilessly. Nowadays, the rapid arrival of the fire department is taken for granted. This would not have been possible without the motorization of fire department cars in history.

On the basis of ten to twelve classic fire departement cars, visitors of RETRO CLASSICS 2022® will be introduced to the development of the fire department and the history of fire protection. At the stand there will also be experienced firefighters available to answer any further questions.

The vehicles exhibited at the stand of the State Fire Brigade Association of Baden-Württemberg date back to the beginning of fire department automation. On truck chassis, wooden superstructures for the transport of the crew and equipment were mounted in open construction. With this construction method, firefighters were still sitting in open seats.

The polished, shiny chrome, lovingly restored to the last detail fire engine classic cars not only make the hearts of lovers of historical fire engines beat faster, but also those of all - young and old - visitors.