Truck of the 30s - the beginning of modern transport

"100 years of long-distance freight traffic in Germany"

The invention of the car was followed by Daimler's first truck in 1896. In the beginning, these vehicles were more suitable for short distances. They lacked engine power and thus, above all, transport speed. Nor was there any thought of comfort or even effective protection against wind and weather until the end of the 1910s.

Fehrenkötter Transport & Logistik GmbH presents the beginning of modern transport by means of three or four trucks of a special kind. 

Admire at RETRO CLASSICS® 2022 the Krupp L 5 from 1930, which shows the first forms of a long-distance transport - truck. The Büssing Type 250 will also be presented at the show. This, although significantly lighter, also belongs to this era. Finally, the Büssing 502, which is a representative of the long-distance freight truck, will also be on display at their stand. It dominated the road scene until well into the 1960s. 

Convince yourself of the beginning of modern transport on the stand of Fehrenkötter Transport & Logistik GmbH.