Classic Cars – Future Heartbeat

"Nostalgia meets future technology"

This year's special show at RETRO CLASSICS® is entitled "Classic Cars - Future Heartbeat" and deals with the topic of electric drives in classic vehicles.

As is generally the case at RETRO CLASSICS®, the focus will undoubtedly be on driving culture. Anyone who suspects that this is a swan song to the combustion engine and a paean to the ecologically correct drive method of the future will not be served. Rather, it is about expanding the concept of driving fun with classic cars, without a raised forefinger, but with more than just traditional craftsmanship and cultivated nostalgia. 

The special show "Classic Cars - Future Heartbeat" is dedicated to a whole new dimension of the driving experience. It shows how seemingly disparate worlds combine to create a fascinating blend of hypermodern digital technology, current drive technology and the unrivaled emotionality of an iconic classic to create an unprecedented category of vehicles. 

At the center of this special show is a DeLorean DMC-12. This vehicle, which to this day will be familiar to almost everyone from the Hollywood series "Back to the Future," stands for exciting design and a bold promise for the future like probably no other model. It is therefore the perfect technology vehicle for demonstrating how a love of classic automobiles can be combined with state-of-the-art technology and futuristic innovations to create a magnificent whole.

Armin Pohl, successful tech entrepreneur and car enthusiast from Baden-Württemberg, has always lived simultaneously in these worlds and is now bringing together a whole range of young German start-ups for this special show, making this unusual special show a milestone in the history of RETRO CLASSICS®. For the first time, the "e-Lorean" which originally started as a fun project and is now something of a tech prototype electric classic will be presented to the public. In addition to this exhibit, a whole range of other converted classics will be presented, as well as the technologies and their potentials that were used in the process. Visitors to the show will be able to experience holographic 3D displays, gesture control and artificial intelligence as an anticipation of the technology of future generations of vehicles, gain insight into the possibilities of current electric drives and, of course, the outstanding craftsmanship of the vehicle restorers who have turned an unusual idea into an even more unusual reality. Regular panel presentations and interviews, as well as film clips and guided visitor tours, round out the experience and give visitors the opportunity to participate in the thoroughly expected controversial discussions.

Anyone who gets involved in the special show "Classic Cars - Future Heartbeat" will quickly realize that there is no good or bad, no right or wrong, but that the focus is simply on the joy of the automobile and that there is a vital start-up scene in Germany that values our industrial tradition based on the automobile and is willing and able to develop it into a new dimension.

Burkhardt Hellwig