101 years of motorized fire department

100 years motorized fire department

When there's a fire, the clock ticks mercilessly. Today, we take it for granted that a firefighting team will arrive at the scene of a fire within ten minutes. In the history of firefighting, the motorization of fire engines thus represents a decisive step. 

At RETRO CLASSICS® 2022 in Stuttgart, the special show of the Landesfeuerwehrverband Baden-Württemberg e.V. will span a wide arc from the beginnings to the present. 

"We don't just want to present museum pieces, but provide information in general about the development of the fire department and the history of fire protection. We have experienced firefighters at the stand who will answer all the visitors' questions - and will certainly be happy to share one or two exciting anecdotes!" said Harald Pflüger from the State Fire Brigade Association. 

On the basis of ten to twelve classic cars, visitors to RETRO CLASSICS 2022® will be given an understanding of the development of the fire department and the history of fire protection. The vehicles on display at the stand of the Landesfeuerwehrverband Baden-Württemberg date back to the beginning of fire department automobilization.

Wooden superstructures for transporting the crew and equipment were mounted on truck chassis in an open construction. With this construction, firefighters still sat on open seats. The polished, shiny chrome, lovingly restored to the last detail fire department oldtimers let not only the hearts of lovers of historic fire engines, but also those of all - young and older - visitors beat faster.