FAS - "Living Workshop"

With almost 30 different seminars, the Vehicle Academy covers almost all areas of classic car restoration. For beginners and professionals, we have been the leading provider of classic car seminars in Europe for over 15 years. Experience that pays off. Beginners who want to restore classic cars themselves learn from experienced masters how to approach a classic car restoration with simple means. For advanced and professional car restorers, we have classic car seminars where they can learn, for example, how to reconstruct complex bodywork components using a roller stretching machine or how to repair classic car engines.

All visitors can marvel at this live at the special show "Living Workshop", which we are organizing in cooperation with RETRO Messen GmbH.

Every hour on the hour, we will be giving demonstrations of special features relating to sheet metal, paintwork and leather. In addition, several restoration professionals will be on hand to answer visitors' questions about classic car restoration.