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Since April 3, 2022, all corona restrictions at trade fairs have been removed. As a result, access restrictions such as 3G or 2G regulations, capacity restrictions, distance requirements or mask requirements no longer apply nationwide at trade fairs.

We are looking forward to a successful RETRO CLASSICS with visitors and exhibitors!





Measures for the controlled and safe staging of events at Messe Stuttgart

Trade fairs and exhibitions in Stuttgart can be staged safely. Messe Stuttgart has formulated a concept to protect the health of its exhibitors, visitors and employees. These are the measures.

Hotline: +49 711 18560–2011

Have you got questions concerning the hygiene concept of Messe Stuttgart and the safe participation in trade fairs and events? Please call our Safe Expo Hotline: +49 711 18560–2011 on workdays between 09:00 and 16:00h.

Outside office hours, you are welcome to send an e-mail to safeexpo(at)messe-stuttgart.de.
For general questions please contact: +49 711 18560-0, info(at)messe-stuttgart.de.

  • The recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute on hygiene must be observed (www.rki.de).
  • The trade fair grounds of Messe Stuttgart have a building management system of the highest technical standards. This enables intensive air exchange to take place in the exhibition halls.
  • The trade fair halls are ventilated with a higher fresh air volume in order to guarantee a continuous supply of fresh air.
  • The entire buildings/halls and all conference rooms are continuously supplied with fresh air.
  • The frequency of cleaning and disinfection in the sanitary areas and in highly frequented contact areas (such as banisters) throughout the trade fair grounds have been increased during event operations. The trade fair grounds are equipped with sufficient hand sanitiser dispensers and information boards, at the entrances and exits, toilets, as well as in front of the food areas. Exclusively non-reusable towels (paper towels) are used in the sanitary areas.
  • Information about infection protection and the associated rules of conduct are depicted in the rooms as signs.
  • Transparent partitions made of glass and plastic are installed at every counter where there is contact between employees of Messe Stuttgart or service companies and attendants of events (e.g. at counters in the Press Center, VIP-Lounge, the trade fair shop, cloakrooms, service offices, information counters).
  • The use of open staircases, e.g. in the foyer of the ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart, is recommended.

2.1 Social distancing rule

During the time spent on the trade fair grounds, a minimum distance of 1.5m between persons is recommended.

Messe Stuttgart supports compliance with social distancing rules by means of corresponding floor markings in relevant areas. You can find the current social distancing rules in our leaflet Corona Regulations (PDF, 78 KB)

2.2 Recommendation to wear masks

It is  recommend to wear a medical or respiratory mask (FFP2 or similar) during the entire stay on the exhibition grounds.

The implementation of and conscientious compliance with the protection and hygiene regulations applicable on the exhibition grounds at the time of the event are the responsibility of Messe Stuttgart for its own events and the responsibility of the organiser for guest events. These requirements apply in addition to our „Technical Guidelines (PDF, 416 KB)“.

  • In the run-up to the event (e.g. at the time of registration) all participants in the event (visitors, exhibitors, journalists, employees, service providers, etc.) will be informed about the hygiene and safety measures.
  • Reference to the measures will be made on the trade fair grounds in a suitable form and to an adequate extent (posters/notices, flyers, loudspeaker announcements, etc.).
  • Messe Stuttgart recommends that the event participants use the corona warning app of the German Federal Government.

  • Compliance with the current regulations relating to restaurants and catering will be ensured through physical separation of the catering services, e.g. through use of outdoor areas (e.g. food courts), provision of to-go services, creation of designated zones for consuming food (tables and chairs).
  • The aisles between the exhibition stands are designed for the number of people expected at the same time.
  • If required (e.g. direct selling in the aisle area), the width of the aisle must be chosen so that the protection and waiting zones along the stands are observed.
  • Admission codes, which (trade fair/congress) visitors receive in advance via media, from exhibitors or from Messe Stuttgart, can only be redeemed in advance and online in the Ticket Shop of Messe Stuttgart. 

  • Visitors will only receive their tickets in advance and online via the Ticket Shop of Messe Stuttgart. Every ticket is valid for a defined event day. No season tickets lasting several days will be issued. However, it will be possible to attend an event on several days. 

  • To avoid physical contact, particularly in the entry phase, contactless access control, electronic admission tickets (pre-registration) and electronic payment are preferred. 

  • Visitors and exhibitors will enter and leave via a maximum number of entrances and exits. Contactless payment facilities are being set up in many areas at Messe Stuttgart. This involves, for example, the Messe restaurants and bistros. Messe Stuttgart is following established solutions in the retail trade in this respect. 

  • Deviations are possible with guest events. They must be clarified beforehand with Messe Stuttgart.

  • The following “Measures at the Trade Fair/Exhibition Stand” are part of the hygiene concept of Messe Stuttgart. They are based on the currently valid requirements and the hygiene specifications of the Corona Ordinance of Baden-Württemberg in particular. It is recommended to observe the regulations as a minimum requirement for your trade fair appearance.
  • The implementation of and conscientious compliance with the protection and hygiene regulations applicable on the exhibition grounds at the time of the event are the responsibility of Messe Stuttgart. Whereas at the trade fair stand, it is the responsibility of you as an exhibitor - comparable with occupational health and safety acts or fire protection. These requirements apply in addition to the „Technical Guidelines (PDF, 416 KB)“.
  • It is recommended to keep a minimum distance to other persons. The current minimum distance recommendation can be found in our Corona Regulations leaflet.
  • It is recommended to reserve sufficient open space within the stand area for visitors of product presentations and talks.
  • For direct selling from the stand into the aisles, attention must be paid to the positioning of counters and showcases so that there are sufficient waiting and protection zones along the sales area. This may be ensured by sufficiently wide aisles or by incorporating the counters and showcases in the stand. 
  • In order to comply with the current hygiene and social distancing regulations, attention should be paid during the planning phase to an appropriate minimum distance around the exhibits. If required, the minimum distance can also be marked.

Hygiene measures

  • Set-up and dismantling times must be adapted to requirements where necessary, as compliance with social distancing and hygiene regulations may lead to delays in the set-up and dismantling.
  • The currently applicable entry and quarantine requirements of the German Federal Foreign Office have to be observed.
  • For all further measures please refer to chapter General hygiene measures on the trade fair grounds.

General information

The following „Measures for planning an event“ are part of the hygiene concept of Messe Stuttgart. They are part of the and are based on the current requirements, in particular the hygiene regulations of the Corona Ordinance of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. We recommend that you observe the requirements in our leaflet Corona Regulations (PDF, 78 KB) as the minimum standard for your trade fair appearance.  

The implementation of and conscientious compliance with the safety and hygiene regulations applicable on the trade fair grounds at the time of the event is the responsibility of Messe Stuttgart or the event organiser. These requirements apply in addition to our Technical Guidelines (PDF, 416 KB)

This general information serves the planning of your event and form the framework for the approvability of your event.  The details must be agreed with Messe Stuttgart.

  • The hall layout must take into account sufficient open spaces for all event participants. For the purpose of planning, Messe Stuttgart will provide sample plans. 
  • It is recommended that additional waiting zones, communication zones and rest zones be created.
  • The event organiser is responsible for ensuring that all legal requirements applicable at the time of the event regarding safety and hygiene, particularly for avoiding the spread and infection of trade fair participants with the SARS-CoV-2 virus (so-called coronavirus), are met. 
  • The aisles between the exhibition stands are designed for the number of people expected at the same time. Participants in the trade fair can therefore move freely in the aisles whilst still observing the social distancing rules. Messe Stuttgart recommends an aisle width of at least 4 metres.
  • If required (e.g. direct selling in the aisle area), the width of the aisle must be chosen so that the protection and waiting zones along the stands are observed.
  • Stand construction concepts must be adapted according to the current social distancing and hygiene regulations. 
  • Requirements arising from the current Corona Ordinance must be observed.

Test center search

Possible test centers around the Messe Stuttgart you can find at: https://map.schnelltestportal.de/

PCR tests in the area are offered here: https://www.landkreis-esslingen.de/start/service/testmoeglichkeiten.html

Please enter the postcode 70629 to locate the nearest test centers to the Messe Stuttgart exhibition center.


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