• "It was my impression that RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART was once again extremely well-attended. There was a positive mood, the customers were interested and the selection of vehicles was generally very good. In the first three days we sold five cars directly at the trade fair. That's really something. People are still definitely interested in automobiles.“

    Ralf Reller, Managing Director, Reller Automobile GmbH

  • "We drew very positive conclusions from the trade fair: our stand was very busy with interesting contacts to potential customers. We also held first-rate discussions with other exhibitors regarding cooperation possibilities. We were delighted to receive the award 'Best Exhibition Stand 2019' from the organiser - although we took part in the trade fair here in Stuttgart for the first time!“

    Simon-Markus Loh, proprietor, SML Car Group

  • "RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART is one of the best trade fairs which we attend in Europe. The visitors, the atmosphere and the organisation are much better than at other events. We will be back again next year − with a larger stand. We are very satisfied!“

    Radek Pokorný, proprietor, Engine Prague s.r.o

  • "We came to Stuttgart for the first time after our positive experiences at RETRO CLASSICS® COLOGNE. We sold and delivered a car right at the start: a woman fell in love with an Alfa Romeo Spyder and took it away immediately. We also established a large number of valuable contacts. Here in Stuttgart we met people who wanted to purchase cars!“

    Christof Gerhard, proprietor, Christof Gerhard

  • "Creating a separate section for NEO CLASSICS® was a very good idea because the market is developing in this direction. I am firmly convinced that this segment will become well-established in future. On every day of the trade fair serious customers expressed keen interest in our vehicles. I am therefore expecting good business after the event and believe that we will also take part again in the next RETRO CLASSICS®.“

    Gerald Burgdorff, Managing Director and proprietor, Burgdorff Cars

  • "The clientèle at RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART is a good match for our company. A large number of owners of historic automobiles are looking for an appealing new car. Here in Stuttgart we are seeing growing interest in American vehicles; sales in this segment are generally very good. We received a positive response to our participation and are therefore expecting good business after the event."

    Thomas Steppe, Managing Director, Autohaus Steppe GmbH

  • "The reason why we took part in the trade fair was the creation of a separate BMW hall at RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART, here in the home of Daimler and Porsche. We got to know many new interesting people and hope that we were able to enhance the trade fair with some unusual exhibits. A representative of BMW even came to our stand and asked: "Why don't we have this car?" The contacts which we made at RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART have helped our company.“

    Christian Silberhorn, proprietor, Silberhorn Classics

  • "RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART was definitely a successful event for our company: we held some very good discussions and concluded several sales contracts. It was my impression that the proportion of trade visitors had increased still further. A large number of extremely well-informed people came to our stand, people with a real passion for Italian and British brands. We would like to come back to the next 'Retro'."

    Wolfgang Deutinger, Managing Director, C. F. Mirbach GmbH & Co KG

  • "There was a great deal going on right from the very first day. The interest shown in our offers was higher than last year, and I believe that we had twice as many customers on our stand. People are also still willing to pay a good price for high-quality automobiles. We were very satisfied with the demand. The date at the beginning of March was also a good choice. We will come back to the next Retro Classics®."

    Klaus Kienle, Managing Director, Kienle Automobiltechnik GmbH

  • "Stuttgart is a strong economic region while Austria and Switzerland are also practically on the doorstep. RETRO CLASSICS® STUTTGART is therefore an important trade fair for our company, something which was also reaffirmed this year. "You can buy reasonable goods here at a good price. It was also noticeable that a large number of foreign visitors came to our stand. We were satisfied with the outcome of the trade fair and would like to come back again."

    Oliver Reger, Managing Director, OM-Automobile GmbH