Exhibitors more than satisfied

  • "We were satisfied with the public response here at the trade fair. It was my impression that the trade fair was also generally well-attended. In particular, our Ukraine actions went down very well. We had a large number of first-class customer contacts, and sales were very good."

    Christoph Schlagenhauf, proprietor and Managing Director, Boxer Motor GmbH

  • "We received a positive response here to our exhibition. We noticed that many people were still not aware of our Museum. Some of them are now planning to pay us a visit. It was therefore very important to draw attention here to our Museum which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. RETRO CLASSICS® is an ideal advertising platform for us since we meet precisely our public here."

    Bernard Jaeggy, Honorary President, International Association of the Friends of the National Automobile Museum – Schlumpf Collection

  • "The trade fair went well and we are satisfied since we acquired some specific prospective customers. We were also satisfied with the number and expertise of the visitors. We always take part in RETRO CLASSICS® and will also definitely be here the next time. I personally love coming to Messe Stuttgart, I like the modern atmosphere in the exhibition halls."

    Martin Hinterstocker, Sales Manager, HK-Engineering Handels GmbH

  • "RETRO CLASSICS® 2022 was a superbly organised trade fair with first-rate visitors. It's marvellous that it was finally held again! In our industry it's all about seeing and being seen. Cultivating contacts is very important. This trade fair is a good platform in this respect. I have been present here for many years and will certainly come back again."

    Wolf-Rüdiger von Massow, proprietor and Managing Director, Scuderia Sportiva Colonia

  • "The number of visitors was almost the same in spite of corona and the change of date. We received a large number of technical questions relating to motorcycles, convertible tops, repairs, etc., but were also able to provide information about vocational training in the area of historic/classic cars and youngtimers. It is essential for us to produce young talents here. We have maintained fruitful cooperation with RETRO CLASSICS® for many years and love coming back again to this trade fair every time."

    Wilhelm Supper, Stand Supervisor, Automobile Guild, Stuttgart Region

  • "We were very positively surprised by the reception we received here. We felt that people had the desire again to visit a trade fair and look at cars. Our trade fair topic '40 years of Group C' went down very well, the visitors showed a great deal of interest in the vehicles and the entire era. On the whole, RETRO CLASSICS® is an ideal forum to provide information about events and special exhibitions at our Museum. We therefore hope that our attendance leads to a higher number of visitors."

    Caroline Weller-Bierbrauer, Stand Coordination, Porsche Heritage and Museum

  • We primarily used the trade fair as a platform where we could forge a large number of good contacts. Our main objective was to cultivate these contacts and meet customers since sales transactions only eventually arise through being present and holding discussions. We also take valuable market impressions from the trade fair back to our company. Generally speaking, taking part in RETRO CLASSICS® is also always very enjoyable!"

    Josef Forster, proprietor, F1 Automobil-Vertriebs GmbH

  • "It was a perfect start, and the entire trade fair turned out to be surprisingly good. The reception on our stand was incredible. We met the right clientèle, acquired new customers and concluded good sales transactions right from the beginning. We are also looking forward to very good business after the event. Everything was well-organised, and we received very good feedback. We are therefore very satisfied with the overall result of our participation."

    Hans-Joachim Krohmer, proprietor, SofaArt Int.

  • "On the whole, we were very satisfied with our attendance at RETRO CLASSICS®. The number and expertise of the visitors were very good. We sold several vehicles on the first two days. There is a trend towards fun cars. We have adapted our product range accordingly – and successfully! The best part of a trade fair is that you can establish good contacts. This platform is ideal for our company. I believe that we will also come back again the next time!“

    Thomas Hähnel, Sales Manager, Autohaus Lorinser GmbH & Co. KG

  • "The number of visitors was tremendous and they were first-class; we concluded good sales transactions and are very satisfied. Since some customers from Franconia also discovered us here at RETRO CLASSICS® as a workshop, we are expecting good business after the event."

    Till von der Hellen, Managing Director and proprietor, Autohaus Löhlein GmbH & Co. KG