Exhibitors more than satisfied

  • "In addition to high sales figures and a qualified audience, RETRO CLASSICS® is the ideal forum for networking for me!"

    Ralf Reller, Managing Director of Reller Automobile, Paderborn

  • "Our perhaps world's largest BMW CS / CSI (E9) display including the rare E9 convertible was not only a visual highlight, but we were also able to sell quite a bit and make good contacts."

    Wolf-Rüdiger von Massow, owner of the Scuderia Sportiva Colonia, Cologne

  • "Since RETRO CLASSICS® also has a strong focus on NEO CLASSICS® vehicles, I'm right at home here with my range of vehicles with a focus on the 90s and 2000s."

    Kahan Tuluk, owner of Sportgarage Nuremberg, Nuremberg

  • "RETRO CLASSICS® Stuttgart is the ideal platform for us, on the one hand, to put the spotlight on the Maserati brand with its classics such as the Mistral, 3500 GT and Ghibli, and on the other hand, to present the rapid prototyping process we initiated for the production of new Maserati cylinder heads, which was very well received."

    Leo B. Peschl, Managing Director Classic Sports Cars, Cologne

  • "RETRO CLASSICS® 2023 was a great pleasure for us and our customers as well as interested parties, we had qualified discussions and everything went smoothly."

    Elina Feierabend, Marketing and Sales, Feierabend GmbH, Würzburg

  • "For existing customers as well as for new customers, the Stuttgart RETRO CLASSICS® is the ideal platform for exchange. We have positive sales results, in addition, much goes after the fair. And we have been able to introduce the interested public to our coilovers specially adapted to BMW classics from 1968 onwards."

    Heinz Raab, owner and managing director of Raab-Automobile, Windelsbach